I love the live jams! 😀 👊

I love the live jams! 😀 👊



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05/19 - Holy Snap, Friends! 😲

My brand new EP (These Thought’s Don’t Belong To You) has hit NUMBER ONE in the “Breaks Genre” on Beatport!

This is absolutely HUGE for me - I’m NUMBER ONE, right next to releases from The Chemical Brothers, Mau5trap Records, Hospital Records and Toolroom Records!

Sending out the *biggest* THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting me and Boomtic Records! 🤗😁👊

This EP is also now available for streaming on your favorite music platform!


May 6th, 2019 - My new EP is NUMBER ONE in the “Breaks Genre” on Beatport!

May 6th, 2019 - My new EP is NUMBER ONE in the “Breaks Genre” on Beatport!

03/19 - I’ve just finished a brand new 3-track EP for Boomtic Records called, “These Thoughts Don’t belong To You”.

GENRES INCLUDED: Dub Techno / Abstract IDM / Techno / Dubstep Glitchery

Should be coming out soon on your favorite music streaming platforms!

I have not been this happy with a finished EP in a very long time - I really poured my heart and soul into making these new tracks! ❤️

The tracks were made using a new workflow for me - I used hardware gear to write the meat and arrange the tracks into live jams, and then I multi-track recorded them into Ableton Live to finish.

Lately, I’m really trying to expand on my workflow(s) and to keep incorporating more hardware gear into my new tracks, rather than just producing 100% “in the box” with Ableton like I have for so many years.

03/2019 - Started this new website. 😉