Prizm Prime

Dean Daughters (Prizm Prime) - Based out of Panorama City, California.

I’m an electronic music composer, producer, sound designer, synth programmer, sample-pack-maker, you-tuber, multi-instrumentalist and workaholic like no other.

25+ Years of experience.

"No genre limits" is my montra, and my music reflects that - My tracks range from lush, downtempo psychill journeys and saturated dub techno excursions, to fragmented idm explosions and glitch-tastic dubstep drum workouts. Techno, Psytrance and DnB are other genres I especially love.

I started playing drums when I was 5 years old, so Prizm Prime tracks tend to feature heavy, powerful and intricate rhythms.

I’m also a sucker for crisp purity of precise production, dynamic layering and an underlying sense of classic old-skool-flava.

I hope my music will propel you to a virtual dance floor.

CONTACT ME: junebug (at) electronisounds (dot) com

“This is my passion. This is my lifeblood. This is my air. The music is WHO I AM - It defines me.”



Oh, what a journey, Friends! 😀 👊

My lifelong commitment to Electronic Music continues! Nothing can stop me!

Not screaming loud Tinnitus, not hearing loss, not an impacted right ear drum from a badly-healed ear surgery, not a bad back or bad knees.

I will do it sitting down and I will do it lying down if I have to! 😜✊ 

I’ve been at this Electronic Music thing for over 25 years now.

In the very early 1990’s, I wanted to go as deep as possible with learning production techniques and sound design (there was no YouTube to learn from then!) and I started my sounds/samples/loops company, Electronisounds in 1994.

I enjoy making new sounds as much as making new music - maybe even more… 🤓


In 2018, I was finally able to build my DREAM STUDIO in my home. The acoustics in here are really, really sweet!

It has taken a lifetime to get to this moment.👊

In 2018, my music got over 1 MILLION STREAMS on Spotify!

In 2017, I achieved sort of a “Holy Grail” of sound design. I did a soundbank for Vengeance Sound.

I made the PSY EXPANSION for their Avenger vst synth (This is still the largest expansion to date for Avenger!)

In 2016, a short piece of my music was used in the Olympic Games in Rio!

In 2004, AMG released a virtual instrument/ rex loop player called “SOLO - Dance Edition”.

The sound-library was a big collection of chopped up drumloops - Half were made by me, the other half were made by FATBOY SLIM! (Norman Cook)

My drumloops are featured side by side with drumloops from Fatboy Slim, Y’all!! BOOM! 😲🔥🔥